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BHPC Tournament: 23rd & 24th September

25 Sep , 2017  

Saracens recent domination continued. In the Final they beat Wild Cats…

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Corney & Barrow: 9th & 10th September

12 Sep , 2017  

The Wild Cats held Blueys back in to second place, with De Nada in third…

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Polo Manager’s Trophy: 2nd & 3rd September

6 Sep , 2017  

Definitely on a roll, it was Saracens who posted a third consecutive victory…

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Chairman’s Cup: 12th & 13th August

15 Aug , 2017  

Saracens were again the victors in the Chairman’s Cup 4 Goal Final…

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August Tournament: 5th & 6th August

8 Aug , 2017  

Saracens were the victors in the August Tournament Final, beating Belina…

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Festival Day: 30th July

31 Jul , 2017  

This was another close match, and again Coppid Owls came out on top…

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Phillimore Trophy: 15th & 16th July

18 Jul , 2017  

Both the 6 Goal and the 0 Goal Final were closely fought matches. Coppid Owls…

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Mixed Tournament: 8th & 9th July

11 Jul , 2017  

Coppid Owls were on top form, beating De Havilland Chambers by 10 goals to 4…

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Borough Marsh: 1st & 2nd July

4 Jul , 2017  

Wild Cats/Los Lobos claimed the 4 Goal Final with a two goal victory over Saracens…

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Anniversary Tournament: 17th & 18th June

20 Jun , 2017  

It was a good day for Louis Heard. Not only was he named MVP, his horse Papafrita…